Prof. Ahmed Tantawy

Congress Chairman

Prof. Ashraf Hamza

Congress General Secretary

Welcome To

AlexORL 2020

Dear Colleagues, On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it gives us a great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome to the 37th Alexandria International Combined ORL Congress (AlexORL2020). This will be held in the period from the 01 to 04 April 2020 in Alexandria “The Pearl of the Mediterranean” with its ambience, cultural heritage offering all the mysticism of the past and where the sea, sun, history and nature constitute a perfect harmony.


Executive Committee

Prof. Alaa Gaafar


Prof. Emad Magdy


Prof. Yasser Nour

Conference Will Start After

2020/04/01 11:00:00

Pre & Post-Congress

Paid Courses/Workshops

Intra-Congress Mini-Courses

(free with congress registration)

9th Alexandria Snoring & OSA Surgery Course

  • Director Name: Prof. Yassin Bahgat
  • International Guest Faculty:
    J. Scott MAGNUSON, USA
    Bhik KOTECHA, UK
  • Format: Lectures & Video presentations
  • Topics/Remarks: 2nd day of course (Hands-on dissection) paid registration needed

1st Alexandria Parotidectomy Instruction Course

  • Director Name: Professor Hossam Thabet, Egypt.
  • Demonstration Assistant: Dr. Mostafa Magdy, Egypt.
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Peter CLARKE, UK
  • Format: Lectures, video presentations and on stage fresh cadaver dissection

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Cochlear Implant Surgery Mini-Course

  • Director Name: Professor Mohamed Bassiouny, Egypt.
  • Demonstration Assistants: Dr. Tamer Ebeid, Egypt.
    Dr. Ahmed Hisham, Egypt.
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Abdelhamid BENGHANEM, Morocco
    Gregory J. BASURA, USA
    Suresh K. MUKHERJI, USA
  • Format: Live Cadaveric dissection

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Phonosurgery Mini-Course

  • Director Name: Professor Ahmed Tantawy, Egypt.
  • Demonstration Assisstant: Dr. Mostafa Magdy, Egypt.
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Daron Cope, Australia
    Neil N. Chheda, USA
  • Format: Lectures, video presentation on stage fresh cadaver demonstration

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2nd Alexandria / Verona meeting: “Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course”

  • Director Name: Prof. Mohamed Badreldine
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Daniele MARCHIONI, Italy
  • Format: Lectures & mini-courses
  • Topics/Remarks: 2nd day of course (Live surgery) paid registration needed

Septo-Rhinoplasty Mini-Course

  • Director Name: Prof. Hossam Foda
  • Format: On stage fresh cadaver dissection and video demonstration
  • Topics/Remarks: 
    Approaches to Rhinoplasty / Hump removal / Septal Surgery / Osteotomies / Nasal tip Surgery / Grafting in Rhinoplasty /Surgery of nasal base.

3rd Alexandria Airway Management Course

  • Director Name: Professor Alaa Gaafar, Egypt.
  • Demonstration Assistant: Dr. Mostafa Magdy, Egypt.
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Deepak K. MEHTA, USA
  • Format: Lectures, video presentations and on-stage demonstration

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Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Mini-Course

  • Director Name: Prof. Yasser Nour
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Prepageran NARAYANAN, Malaysia
    Muaid BABAN, Kurdistan, Iraq
    Suresh K. MUKHERJI, USA
  • Format: Lectures, video presentations and on stage live cadaveric dissection

Step-by-Step Endonasal Endoscopic Skull Base Approach

  • Director Name:  Professor Ahmed Aly Ibrahim, Egypt.
  • Demonstration Assistant: A. Professor Remon Raafat, Egypt.
  • International Guest Faculty:
    Erin L. MCKEAN, USA
    Stephen E. SULLIVAN, USA
    Prepageran NARAYANAN, Malaysia
  • Format: Live Cadaveric dissection & videos

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